FDA Issues New Harsh ‘Black Box’ Warnings Against Chantix Use

Last month, the FDA issued harsh warnings against the Use of smoking cessation drug, Chantix. This warning was in response to a request from drug giant Pfizer to remove the “black box” warning on the Chantix labeling. However, after reviewing the serious health risks associated with the drug, the FDA has decided to not only retain the warning but expand it.

Why is this significant? By issuing this black box warning, the FDA effectively exercised its most severe action of within its authority against a drug, short of banning it. The previous label for Chantix already warned patients that taking the drug that they may develop aggressive or suicidal behavior. That warning will be expanded to note that the drug has also been linked to reduced alcohol tolerance leading to seizures.


Increased suicide rates are not unusual amongst the health risks associated with smoking-cessation pharmacotherapy drugs.
Statistically, people taking Chantix are 88 times more likely to attempt and succeed suicide, while those taking Zyban are 11 times more lkely to attempt and succeed suicide than those who continue to smoke or use a nicotine-based smoking cessation product.  There are numerous other serious health risks associated with phamracotherapy, which are also limited in their effectiveness to help people to stop smoking.

Read the full article from Natural News here: http://www.naturalnews.com/049270_Chantix_warning_label_side_effects.html#ixzz3dKwe0tEw